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CWA sponsors pool classes which introduce the students to whitewater kayaking. Strokes, braces, the eskimo roll and safety considerations are all taught in these classes, unless otherwise noted. The following locations currently sponsor these classes and anyone interested in taking a class should note the exact dates, registration, and contact information. Most classes start in October and again in January or February, but few are offered in the summer but we are hoping that will change soon. This page should show the most current pool sessions available.

Current CWA ACA Certified Instructors

Marlene Bertolozzi

Jeff Brown        

Kyle Christensen

Andy Cocallas  

Tom Costello    

Tam Fletcher   

Hannah Matzke

Dave McGovern

Wayne Minor  

Alec and Sharon Bloyd-Peshkin

Pat Rivers       

Link to all ACA Certified instructors by state by discipline

Upcoming events

    • 01/01/2016
    • 12/31/2020
    • everywhere

    You can start a new ACA Membership or renew your ACA membership using this page. For new ACA memberships you MUST download the waiver, sign it and return it to Tom Costello. If paying by PayPal, please create an invoice and continue with the payment process via PayPal. If you'd like to pay via cash or check, create an invoice and then send your payment to: Chicago Whitewater Association, 1160 Brighton Rd, Naperville, IL 60563


    • 11/02/2016
    • 11/01/2017
    • 12 sessions
    • 1300 W Main St. , St. Charles, IL

    The CWA meets the first Wednesday of the month. (July and August will be a week delayed due to trips) Minutes and finances can be found on this website when logged in as a member. 

    • 10/03/2017
    • 7:30 PM
    • 10/03/2018
    • 9:00 PM
    • 1300 W Main St. , St. Charles, IL

    Club Meeting - changed to Tuesday 10/3 in St. Charles

    St. Charles Riverfront renovation is moving along. We'll meet at The Filling Station in St. Charles. For those who want to eat come early. The meeting starts at 7:30. After the meeting we'll tour the area and the plans being made to gain an appreciation of the size of the redevelopment project.

    Even though we get a lot accomplished, the meetings are laid back, and open to anyone.

    Don't be thrown off by the low RSVP count... most member's forget to RSVP and attend. Typical meetings have between 15 and 25 people in attendance. Still, RSVPs are appreciated for getting an appropriately sized tabl

Chicago Whitewater Association is a 501(c) non-profit organization. Chicago, Illinois

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