Chicago Whitewater Association

History of CWA

CWA has been a chicagoland area club since 1972 and it's changed quite a bit over the last 40 years with members coming and going. Read a fairly complete history of CWA,how CWA got started, or take a minute to peruse the RiverMom memorial as Marge Cline was truly an integral part of CWA and its history over the years.

CWA's Roots

Current Board Members

Mike Koppenhoefer - President

John and Jenna Garee - vice president

Paige Minor - Communications

Andy Cocallas - Membership

 - Treasurer

Cynthia Manestar - Secretary

Dave McGovern - Safety

Rick Bitter - web master

You can email the entire board by sending an email to

Marge Cline, Rivermom

Our beloved Rivermom, Marge Cline, passed away on October 29, 2007. Only 1 week later her husband Bob also passed away on November 7, 2007. Visit the Rivermom Memorial to view pictures of marge doing a headstand in a C-2 or share your own story. Much of this will be used for a memory book for the Cline family, so don't be shy...

     Rivermom Memorial

Chicago Whitewater Association is a 501(c) non-profit organization. Chicago, Illinois

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