Chicago Whitewater Association

History of CWA

CWA has been a chicagoland area club since 1972 and it's changed quite a bit over the last 40 years with members coming and going. Read a fairly complete history of CWA,how CWA got started, or take a minute to peruse the RiverMom memorial as Marge Cline was truly an integral part of CWA and its history over the years.

CWA's Roots

Current Board Members

Tom Costello, President

Michael Koppenhoefer, Vice President

Jen Osiol, Treasurer

Dave McGovern, Safety

Cynthia Manestar, Secretary

Andy Cocallas, Advocacy and Membership

Lynn Berndt, Editor

You can email the entire board by sending an email to

Marge Cline, Rivermom

Our beloved Rivermom, Marge Cline, passed away on October 29, 2007. Only 1 week later her husband Bob also passed away on November 7, 2007. Visit the Rivermom Memorial to view pictures of marge doing a headstand in a C-2 or share your own story. Much of this will be used for a memory book for the Cline family, so don't be shy...

     Rivermom Memorial

Chicago Whitewater Association is a 501(c) non-profit organization. Chicago, Illinois

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