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2018 Illinois Whitewater Fest Results

07/18/2018 2:51 PM | Tom Costello (Administrator)

We've got the official results for the IWWF Buttercup slalom race last Saturday. Download the entire results here

The winners are:

Class Last Name First Name Place
K1M Long Tibensky James 1
K1M Long Hannah Andy 2
K1M Long JR JR 3
K1M Short Kordecki Tim 1
K1M Short Holmberg Mel 2
K1M Short Minor Wayne 3
K1W Long Gabris Brooke 1
K1W Long Sparlin Stacy 2
K1W Long Bertolozzi Marlene 3
K1W Short Stehney Jenna 1
K1W Short Minor Paige 2
K1W Short Sparlin Stacy 3
OC1M Voss Steve 1
OC1M McPherson Paul 2
OC1M Cocallas Andy 3
C1W Taylor Anika 1
OC1W Moss Rebecca 1
OC1W Taylor Anika 2
K2 McGovern Dave & Gavin                              31 1
OC2 Dale Fanney                                     21 Andy Cocallas                                21 1
OC2 McPherson Paul Voss Steve                                      40 2
OC2 Mixed Taylor Anika Fanney Dale                                   28 1
OC2 Mixed Moss Rebecca Andy Cocallas                                21 2
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